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A plan to help a Palestinian state succeed: Palestine and Israel living in peace, prosperity, and security.



Friends of the Arc is a growing community of people who care about Israeli-Palestinian peace. Some of us because we care about Israel, Palestine, or both; others because we feel America devotes too much of its limited global political capital to Israel and Palestine; yet others who want to extinguish a smoldering conflict that we believe increasingly fuels political turmoil in corners of the planet far from the Middle East. Many of us care about all of these things. Most important, we want to try something new to break the political deadlock, so another generation of children need not grow up in the shadow of war, death, and lost opportunity.

That something new is the Arc. Developed by the RAND Corporation, in collaboration with Suisman Urban Design, the Arc is a visionary plan for creating  a viable, prosperous Palestinian state that can live peacefully alongside Israel and thrive. The Arc provides for a Palestinian national transportation and infrastructure corridor, along with key links between hub stations and the historic centers of the principal cities of Palestine.

The Arc creates an economic and social development corridor, but it does much more than that.  It inspires people to believe that a viable, positive future for Palestine is attainable.  Thus the Arc can engender an upward spiral of hope and confidence, giving political leaders the space to make the difficult compromises that none currently has the capacity to make.

Watch the 8-minute video above (or better yet, the complete 30-minute video) and see if it doesn't begin to change your mind about what could happen if political leaders embraced the Arc.

Our goal is to spread the word about the Arc. Friends of the Arc will be posting news about the Arc's progress, as well as things that you can do to help make this vision a reality.

The RAND Corporation and Suisman Urban Design have given us the vision, but making sure the right decision-makers see it requires the work of all us. Won't you please join us, and encourage others who care about these issues to do so too?




Friends of the Arc is a non-partisan, non-profit organization registered in the State of Illinois, established by individuals interested in achieving Israel-Palestine co-existence.  Like many, they find the Arc project inspiring, and established FOTA to create an online community of people interested in seeing the project move forward as part of a two-state solution for the Middle East: a successful Israel and Palestine living side by side in peace, security, and prosperity. FOTA is not affiliated with the RAND Corporation, which produced the original Arc study. FOTA tries to bring the Arc to the attention of the general public, to leading officials, journalists, and academics, and especially to students and young people, who will either enjoy the benefits of peace or suffer the harmful consequences of continued conflict. FOTA does not seek to raise funds, nor does it have any financial interest in the adoption and implementation of the Arc project.