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The Arc on NPR's "All Things Considered"  

News story and interview by Robert Siegel with RAND's Steven Simon on the day the Arc project was first released (6 minutes; at NPR.org)



The Arc on BBC World - One Planet "Supercities"

A discussion about cities of the future in various parts of the world including Palestine and the Arc (27 minutes)



"Planning Palestine" on The Connection

Hosted by Dick Gordon, first aired 5/23/2005: An in-detph interview on the Arc Project (48 minutes; at The Connection)


 The Arc at the Milken Institute's Global Conference 2005

 "The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Vision of a Prosperous Palestinian State"  Introduction by David Pollock and presentation by David Aaron and Doug Suisman (70 minutes)


The Arc on PRI's The World

"Planned Rail Would Link West Bank and Gaza" Hosted by Marco Werman.  First aired July 8th 2010. (4 minutes;  at PRI's The World)