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The Arc is Named a Finalist in the 2010 World Architecture Festival

The Arc has been named a finalist for November’s World Architecture Festival in Barcelona, where the project will be competing with ten other master planning projects from around the globe. Doug Suisman, FAIA, will personally present the project to a design jury on November 4 at Barcelona’s International Convention Center (CCIB).

The Arc, a sweeping infrastructure plan for a prospective Palestinian state, follows the curved mountain ridge of the West Bank. It establishes a national corridor that would provide swift rail service, roadway, water, power, and parkland for the main Palestinian towns and cities. The corridor - and its lateral branches within each city - would enable the new state to accommodate a fast-growing population by expanding urban neighborhoods and housing stock in a coherent and sustainable manner. This would allow private investment and international aid to be efficiently directed towards an integrated national space, rather than towards a costly array of scattered and disconnected projects.

Projects entered in the World Architecture Festival’s “Future Projects” category are as yet unbuilt. The Arc will compete against projects in Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.