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The Arc is Named a Finalist in the 2010 World Architecture Festival

The Arc has been named a finalist for November’s World Architecture Festival in Barcelona, where the project will be competing with ten other master planning projects from around the globe. Doug Suisman, FAIA, will personally present the project to a design jury on November 4 at Barcelona’s International Convention Center (CCIB).

The Arc, a sweeping infrastructure plan for a prospective Palestinian state, follows the curved mountain ridge of the West Bank. It establishes a national corridor that would provide swift rail service, roadway, water, power, and parkland for the main Palestinian towns and cities. The corridor - and its lateral branches within each city - would enable the new state to accommodate a fast-growing population by expanding urban neighborhoods and housing stock in a coherent and sustainable manner. This would allow private investment and international aid to be efficiently directed towards an integrated national space, rather than towards a costly array of scattered and disconnected projects.

Projects entered in the World Architecture Festival’s “Future Projects” category are as yet unbuilt. The Arc will compete against projects in Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.


Bernard Avishai urges the Obama Administration to support the Arc on talkingpointsmemo.com

Yesterday Bernard Avishai, adjunct professor at Hebrew University, author of The Hebrew Republic, and a former editor of the Harvard Business Review, argued in Taking Points Memo:

“If President Obama is looking for a way to excite us with an American vision for a Palestinian state--one that can be started on even before core issues are (entirely) resolved, and which implies what is plausible about peaceful integration with Israel and Jordan--he could do worse than publicly get behind the RAND Corporation's ARC project.

Avishai acknowledges that the Arc leaves some contentious issues unresolved. “But,” he challenges his readers, “I defy you to watch this short video and think about the state the same way again.”

We offer the same challenge to you. Watch the video, and see if it changes the way you think about the possibility for a viable two-state solution. If it does, join FOTA, follow us on Facebook, spread the word to friends, and help the video go viral!


Essay Contest deadline just 2 days away!

The FOTA Essay Contest deadline is approaching quickly. Submissions should be emailed to contest@friendsofthearc.org by Friday, October 8. Click here for all contest details!


Gulf News covers the FOTA Essay Contest


Today, Gulf News published an article by education section reporter Rania Moussly that spreads the word about the FOTA essay contest to potential participants across the Gulf region.  In this article, our own FOTA Board Member, Dr. Christopher Tucker is quoted as saying, "The younger generation is interested in seeing material change and in this situation [the potential implementation of the Arc project] they can see it."  Further, Tucker said, "We know that we can get the winning essay to President Obama's staff as well as published on our website," and indeed FOTA is committed to getting the winning idea in front of the President of the United States.

Less than one more week until the end of the contests on Friday, October 8th!  If you are a student in political science, international relations, conflict resolution, urban planning, design, economics, geography, business, … anything at all … and you believe the Arc could help bring peace, prosperity and security to the region … we think you have something to contribute!  Give it a try and maybe win $1000, and a chance to contribute to progress in the Middle East.


Deadline for $1,000 essay contest just one week away!

The October 8 deadline for our essay contest is approaching quickly. Remember that the contest is open to all college students – undergraduate or graduate – from any country in the world. Contest details are below or here.


Friends of the Arc announces a $1,000 prize for the best essay by a college or graduate student, in the form of a policy brief to President Barack Obama, on the topic of the usefulness of RAND Corporation’s Arc concept for the current Middle East negotiations.

Submissions should respond to the following prompt:

With the resumption of direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, many observers doubt that more purely political discussions will finally produce a comprehensive peace settlement; they suggest that some paradigm-changing idea is needed to break the deadlock. You have been asked to brief President Obama about the Arc project. Prepare a policy brief making the case that the Arc plan is just such a compelling idea, and that with U.S. support, it could help negotiators achieve a breakthrough for peace.

Submissions are due October 8, 2010, at 6 pm ET and should be no more than 1,000 words in length. Before crafting their submissions, participants should view the 30-minute Arc video and other resources at www.friendsofthearc.org. College and graduate students from any country are eligible to apply.

The winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize and will be featured on our website. FOTA reserves the right to post all essays on its website and to send one or more to President Obama.

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