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Arc Update from Ramallah - An Interview on PRI's "The World"

Marco Werman, anchor of PRI's "The World", which is produced by the BBC, PRI, and WBGH Boston, interviews Doug Suisman about the Arc, about his recent trip to Ramallah, and about the prospects for moving the Arc towards implementation. You can listen here:  http://media.theworld.org/audio/070820106.mp3. You can also visit The World's website here: Planned rail would link West Bank and Gaza | PRI's The World


A New Conversation About Middle East Peace is Emerging

For good reason, the flotilla crisis in Gaza has dominated headlines in recent weeks. However, two recent articles published in Foreign Policy and Slate hit on an emerging theme that deserves attention as well – in the West Bank, leaders like Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad are taking positive steps to build the foundations for a viable state.

As Hussein Ibish writes in FP, “Although the flotilla fiasco and international outrage concerning Gaza may be more dramatic, all parties have an interest in ensuring the success of the groundbreaking developments in the West Bank. International support and Israeli cooperation are essential for this project to realize its full potential. If that happens, the creation of a viable Palestinian state might attract more than a few newspaper headlines of its own soon enough.”

For too long, the Israel/Palestine debate has been dominated by the most extreme voices on either side. Now more than ever there is need to foster a new type of conversation led by the pragmatic voices that are determined to make peace work.


Improving Mobility, Quality Of Life, And Economic Growth In The West Bank

The RAND Corporation has been working with the Palestinian Authority to develop a suite of proposals for immediate practical projects - first steps of the Arc - that would promote economic development in the region while also advancing the U.S. policy agenda in the Middle East. The initiatives, which draw on findings from RAND's comprehensive assessment of requirements for a successful Palestinian state, reflect five years of close consultation between RAND and the PA at the highest ministerial levels and the Office of President Abbas. Stay tuned. You can read about the proposals here: