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Videos, Audios, and Publications

"The Arc"

watch this documentary video, which describes the key concepts of the Arc project - 33 minutes



"The Arc: A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State"

This enhanced e-book version includes a video overview as well as additional material about initiatives for improving mobility, quality of life, and economic growth in the West Bank.





"The Arc: A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State"

download a free copy of the original 2005 report - 93 pages, 4.7 MB PDF file




"Quick Impact Initiatives for the West Bank"

download a free copy of the 2009 report - shows how implementation of the Arc could begin now, with tangible first steps in planning and construction of both transport and housing - 20 pages, 3.3 MB PDF file



The Arc on PRI's "The World"

"Planned Rail Would Link West Bank and Gaza" Hosted by Marco Werman.  First aired July 8th 2010. (4 minutes;  at PRI's The World)


Articles and Commentary on the Arc 

The Arc has been reported in more than 250 media outlets worldwide. Here is a selection of some of the feature articles, editorials, and broadcasts on the project.


New York Times - "The Day After Peace: Designing Palestine"

Front page Arts section feature on the Arc and its architect, Doug Suisman by renowned journalist James Bennet, now editor of the Atlantic; the article jumped from the front page to a full page spread with color illustrations, a rarity for the Times

Baltimore Sun editorial: "The Marvel of the Arc"

Days after the release of the RAND studies and the Arc, the editors of the Baltimore Sun ran this exceptionally positive and prescient assessment of the Arc project and its potential as a companion to diplomacy

Bloomberg.com - "Architect Suisman Designs Palestinian Homeland"

Bloomberg's architecture critic James Russell gives a rave for the Arc

Switchboard - "Dare to Imagine Peace: A Bold Plan"

Kaid Banfield, Director of the  Smart Growth Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, one of the leading environmental groups, uses the occasion of the 2009 conflict in Gaza to reflect on the promise and potential of the Arc plan

Places Magazine - The Arc wins an EDRA/Places Award

Insightful assessment of the Arc project and its political context, along with comments from the awards jury, written by journalist and urban planner Yael Allweil

NPR's All Things Considered - "Envisioning a Palestinian State"

News story and interview by Robert Siegel with RAND's Steven Simon from the day the Arc was first released

NPR's The Connection - "Planning Palestine"

Transcript of public radio host Dick Gordon's interview with the Arc's urban designer Doug Suisman, top Palestinian official Jihad Al Wazir, and respected Israeli journalist Ari Shavit 

Foreign Affairs - Book review

Favorable review by the most prestigious U.S. foreign affairs journal

Business Week - "Design Meets Diplomacy"

Staff writer Stacy Perman gives a positive review of the Arc while putting the project in the context of the 2006 election of Hamas 

Imaging Notes - "A Foam-Board Future for Palestine"

Gino Guzzardo discusses the Arc in relation to the evolving tools of geospatial technology

Washington Times - Op-ed

RAND Vice President Michael Rich places the Arc in a larger context

Libération (Paris) - "The Arc of Palestine in Chalk"

An illustrated feature and supportive assessment which appeared on the widely read "Wide Angle" back page of this influential Parisian daily