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The Arc - An Overview 

For a quick understanding of the Arc project, watch this short video, which explains the Arc's key concepts (8 minutes; at RAND's YouTube channel)




The Arc Project

For a full understanding of the Arc project, watch this documentary video, which describes the Arc's assumptions, research strategy, and key concepts (33 minutes; at RAND.org)




The Arc at J Street 

Doug Suisman presents the Arc at J Street's first national conference and receives a standing ovation; the panel includes author Bernard Avishai, Palestinian minister Bassim Khoury; and Ron Pundak of the Peres Center for Peace (20 minutes)


Slide show at the New York Times website

 New York Times slideshow 

Online slideshow that appeared with the New York Times feature on the Arc







The Arc Animated

A short clip from a documentary produced by KidzOnline, which produced this compelling animation of the proposed infrastructure corridor for the West Bank and Gaza (1 minute)